6 Things To Look For In Your Wedding DJ

Here are 6 qualities you need to look for when booking your wedding DJ and Wedding entertainment.

1. Wedding Gig Experience 

Experience is a top priority, with most choosing someone who has extensive experience within the wedding industry. A wedding is unlike any other party, and the DJ plays an important role in setting the tone for the evening. The more wedding gigs the DJ has performed at, the more confident he is going to be behind the decks and that will show with a great atmosphere and a full dance-floor.

2. Organised

Make sure you look for an organised DJ with good planning skills who will come prepared.
Ask him how will you he get ready for your Wedding? Ask him if he has any music genre  questionnaires for you to fill in? The more information the DJ can provide you with when you
first meet to discuss your Wedding, the more likely it is that he will be well prepared to deliver
a good job on the night.

3. A great personality

At any wedding, the DJ will spend lots of time interacting with the crowd, taking requests, and entertaining guests – and that means everyone from children to the elderly. The DJs personality is important, so look for someone friendly, fun, and confident behind the decks to ensure your guests get the most from the evening’s entertainment.

4. An eclectic music collection

You and your partner are likely to have different musical preferences, as would your guests. It’s extremely important for the DJ to have a diverse music collection spanning decades as well as genres. You will also have specific songs you’d like to be played in addition to your first dance, and it’s the DJ's job to find out what these are before the day itself so he can prepare.

5. Ability to read the crowd

Make sure to look for a DJ with plenty of wedding music knowledge. Does the DJ know how to get the guests dancing early in the evening, before the alcohol starts to flow? What about when the dance floor heats up and the DJ has got both grandparents and great grand kids dancing, can he handle that? Crowd reading is perhaps the most important skill for a wedding DJ, because it’s what lets him or her understand how to keep the floor going all night. Do not be afraid to ask the DJ is 
he comfortable playing to and catering for all age groups.

6. Communication

Above all else, make sure the Wedding DJ listens to you. You will have a very firm idea about what you’d like your big day (and night) to be like, and you will need a DJ who will listen and understand your vision and help create the wedding you really want.


These wedding DJ qualities are just the tip of the iceberg because every wedding night will always be unique, but they’re a great place to start when you are considering booking your Wedding DJ for your Wedding Entertainment.