Learn how to DJ Course for Teens

Wednesday the 14th February we had the pleasure of providing a How To DJ Course | Workshop at the The Spot Youth Cafe in Birr Co.Offaly. The workshops were organised by the Birr Foroige group that is based at the Spot Youth Cafe.

Our how to become a DJ course started with the very basics of DJing and each student that took part gave their opinion of what they thought a DJ was. The curriculum of the course included how to setup the gear, what exactly a DJ is, fundamentals of what a DJ does, beat matching, pitch riding & mixing songs together.

Over the course of the day we had the pleasure of teaching 10 teenagers who are a part of the Birr Foroige group. All the students displayed exceptional skills as aspiring young DJs and were a pleasure to work with. We look forward to advancing their new found skills in our future Easter & Summer DJ Courses.