Learn To DJ Classes at Youth Work Ireland Tuam Co.Galway

How To Become A DJ Workshop For Teens

We recently had the pleasure of providing a How To DJ Course | Workshop at Youth Work Ireland Centre in Tuam, Co.Galway. The workshops and DJ Classes ran for 4 weeks with a groups of 10 Students who were interested in learning DJ Tips, tricks and skills.

Our how to become a DJ course started with the very basics of DJing with our taster session.
The curriculum of the course included how to setup the gear, what exactly a DJ is, fundamentals of what a DJ does, beat matching, Looping, pitch riding & mixing songs together.

On the final night we had a DJ Competition where each student got the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned over the course of the 4 weeks. 
It was a very enjoyable DJ Workshop with a great group of teenagers and we are really looking forward to returning over the summer to run a DJ Summercamp for Tuam Youth Services.

For more information on our DJ Classes || DJ Workshops go to : https://www.explosiveentertainment.ie/dj-classes-workshops

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